Welcome to Ivey League Pools!

Ivey League Pools, Inc. is your source for complete design and construction of gunite swimming pools in the Macon, Georgia area. If you are tired of looking at "cookie-cutter" pool designs, come take a look at our selection of pools. We work hard to make each pool unique!

At Ivey League Pools, we know that each customer has a unique idea of the perfect pool. We will spend time talking with you in order to visualize your precise plans. We will strive to fit each customer with exactly the pool that they need and want. We want to focus on each customer's needs individually, so we only build one pool at a time. You'll never be just a number at Ivey League Pools.

By offering the highest quality materials available, Ivey League Pools ensures that you can enjoy your backyard creation for years to come. Contact us to see what we can do for you!